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Strategic Choice
Mythgard is a collectible card game of boundless depth and infinite strategy. Experience a unique game with fast and fluid tactical action. Use spells, minions, enchantments, and artifacts to vanquish your opponents. Every play could mark the difference between victory and defeat. Your deck is not restricted to a single class or faction, opening a world of limitless possibility.
A World of Myth Made Real
Gods of ancient legend walk the modern world in Mythgard. Many of the greatest deities have not been seen in millenia, but creatures of myth still rival jets for control of the skies. Mortals now rise to contest with these ancient beings. In Mythgard, players harness both the edge of technology and the magic of myth as they battle for dominance over the powers of an earlier age.
A Battlefield Like No Other
Place your minions and enchantments strategically on Mythgard’s unique battle board. Create mighty artifacts that alter the fundamental rules of the game. Cast powerful spells to open gaps in your adversary's defenses and charge as the tide of battle shifts in your favor.
Free Means Free
Every card can be earned through play, and you can build your collection in any way you choose! A variety of PvE modes provide daily rewards, while an equal variety of PvP modes let you test your skill against the ultimate opponent - other players!
Single Player Campaign
Explore the world of Mythgard in an extensive single-player campaign. Use the cards you earn to learn the game play, build your skills, and hone your strategy. The campaign lets you study the characteristics of each color faction, jump start your card collection, and most importantly - enjoy your Mythgard adventure.

Release date: Early 2019


Patch Notes v0.15.2 - - 2019/07/12 18:18

This patch, on Mythgard™ - The players have sent us their energy (or their decks at any rate), giving us all a dose of strategic variety through the featured deck system! In addition to accessing tw...

Patch Notes v0.15.1 - - 2019/06/25 17:38

Patch 0.15.1 is a minor patch intended primarily to fix critical bugs and address the most salient balance issues after the release of Purple.Features & Bug Fixes Fixed bug which could leave a st...

Patch Notes v0.15 - - 2019/06/21 18:03

This is the Purplest patch we’ve ever done! Purple cards are available to Q-mode testers. Q-mode is a testing-only mode that allows you to build and test decks with cards you do not own. If you were...

Join Our Discord for Closed Alpha Access! - - 2019/05/20 20:18

Click this link to join and get closed alpha access right away: you there!...

Patch Notes v0.14.2 - - 2019/05/16 17:42

Patch 0.14.2 is primarily a balance tuning patch.Features & Bug Fixes Resizable window on standalone PC clients. Music and ambient sounds are now muted when the game client loses focus. Replay sp...